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Worried about pocd


i keep getting attraction feelings and it feels so real and I keep getting erections and it worries me it feels like I want the thoughts and it scares me

  1. This is part of OCD. It feels real. Unfortunately. You are a good person. Please go through Ali's videos, listen to it. Reduce rumination times, track the time. It does wonders! It will help. I know you are scared and the feeling is horrible! But you need to learn about OCD more, see your brain as a computer. The more you ruminate on this, the more you check, the more you try to solve this, the worse it will be. Respond to your thoughts with sarcasm "yes yes, I totally want that, aha, great, bye" and move on to something, keep yourself busy. The anxiety will still be there and you'll get more thoughts at the beginning, but soon it will start to reduce. You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings. It is just OCD. And OCD makes it feel real. Do not listen to it. Accept it is there, dismiss with sarcasm and keep doing it over and over. You can totally do it. In a few months, if you do what is advised, it will feel just like bad dream. But you must trust the process and do the work. You will be okay!
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