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So I've never been a person to find a person's private part attraction.. I'm a virgin... So I've never been in any type of intimate situation... But now my brain keeps telling me that I don't find a males private attractive therefore I will never be comfortable in a straight relationship and I'll never enjoy sex and that I'm lying to myself... This has never bothered me me before because I always said hey nobodies privates are attractive until you are in the mood and aloy of people I know have told me that but now this won't stop playing in my head... I want to have a good straight relationship and be excited about everything that will eventually happen but this is making it so hard for me.... I'm a girl by the way.


Typical theme to have at your age and being a virgin. Most women at the start feel the same way.. so you are not a lone. It does NOT mean anything about your sexuality- your just reading too much into it and the more attention you give this stupid theme- the worse OCD will get. You are in the beginning phase of OCD- It is easier to stop and get out now than to dwell and give life to OCD...!

People are born that way- They do not change, they do not turn- People are born there sexuality. Parents can get tests now when pregnant to find out. It has to do with a chemical in the brain released during high stress levels when the mum is pregnant.