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Tracking problems


I know that if it's under one minute and notice before zoning out totally it doesn't cojnt but what when this happens continouosly and still doesn't count and move very quickly from that thought but every day it feels like i've ruminated a lot is it ocd tricking me or am i giving in some times it's clear i've ruminated sometimea tot that much so i think it's just ocd and move on no paying attention to thoughts tracking is very important i think this might be holding me back but the tracking mistakes video does not specify this im unclear


Before i've clearly denied it counting what was holding me way back but now that i don't it seems like every day is a failure or is it what could be i doing wrong? 


And i think this has happened several times before 


Note: not giving up


I feel like i debate in my mind was it under a minute under a minute contionously but itvalways happens despite my best efforts because thre would be some giving in but tvis always happens though im always like tomorrow i will avoid that happenkng how do i stop this


The videos don't cover this i don't think i can figure this out alone 

  1. I try to be quick and mindfull istead of ocd important but i don't see progress

I have posted enough details for now


This looks like it's OCD over the recovery process or getting there if it's not already. It's good to know what to do and do it right, but you don't want to get obsessive about it and turn it into an OCD thing. In other words, you shouldn't be ruminating about it or analyzing with a lot of anxiety or worrying excessively about it, it shouldn't have that OCD feeling like with "what if" thoughts.

It doesn't have to be perfect. You don't need it to be down to the second or fraction of a second, and honestly most people aren't going to get it down to the minute, that's not a big deal. It's ok to just estimate vaguely about how much it was, and if you're off, you'll probably be off by a similar amount normally, so it all works out the same. The important part is lowering the amount of OCD behaviors over time (like physical or mental compulsions, rumination, checking, searching, reassurance, etc), and if you're not careful you can get into doing MORE of that instead of less by ruminating and analyzing and trying to be perfect with the recovery. Remember it's just a strategy to help you give in to OCD less, don't let it have the opposite effect.

It also doesn't need to be perfect to work. That would probably be why somebody might say under a minute doesn't count, but honestly every little bit adds up. Don't worry about it so much, react with fear as little as possible, prevent responding in OCD ways as much as you can. The goal is to be at zero compulsions, the point of the tracking is to be always getting closer to that goal. The specifics really don't matter, don't let it turn into a big scary confusing thing, what matters for recovery is just feeding the OCD less.


Yes that's what i was thinking too but always when this happens it feels like im not ruminating but actually it's:

zoning out

Oh didn't count yeah it didint

Zoning out 

Oh didnt


When it should be 

Zoning out

Oh did i zone out

Well whatever

It happens at sonenpoint every day and it keeps being like yEH Nah DidNt couNt


Now i will have to act like i don't care did it count or not so it doesn't add up i will play the play this when having an ocd attack video on my homescreen no questions asked and get into doing something immmediately


Ps. "What if i fail this same thing yeat again"

"Yeah sure whatever"