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Suspicion OCD


I sometimes experience anxiety in public places(Particularly when they are crowded)and display symptoms of it(e.g. uneasy facial expressions), and an incident occurred two years ago which has made me really self-conscious about it.Thing is I entered a store, and was bit concerned about attending my cousin’s wedding(Which was in a couple of months.As I promised her I’d be there, but couldn’t figure out how I was gonna get there(As I am currently unemployed and don’t have a car))so it was adding to the stress that I additionally feel in such locations, and I approached the service counter to ask an employee about a product, and before I could, he was like, “Are you ok buddy?”, and while I felt very awkward, I calmly uttered “Umm..Yes”.He then went on to answer my question, and while nothing ever came of it, it was apparent that he asked me that because he noticed I appeared uneasy, and now anytime I feel anxious when I’m out and in front of others(Strangers specifically), I become extremely afraid of them noticing and possibly viewing me as suspicious.Has anyone else dealt with this?

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Yes man it is common for people with OCD because we are undergoing stress, sadness from the thoughts so we look down and depressed. I get this all the time.


Ocd caused social anxiety with me. I was suspicious of others so thought they were of me too! Of course us not trusting ourselves doesn't help either but we can recover. You can do exposures where you go to places and ask a question, don't avoid or perform compulsions. Now if that's a high exposure then watch videos or journal about it. Build up self confidence as well.