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sensorimotor ocd


It all started with feeling pee in my pants after bathing and drying up in a towel.And now it started as too much pressure ,a sensation in bladder and now there is urine leakage and i cant enjoy bath and while i sit i feel too much pressure.iam scared as hell for the past 9 months.there is nothing physically wrong with me.I feel iam running towards the day i would get allright ,i feel like iam missing out on happiness , calmness and most importantly normalness.I dont know how to live with this,sometimes i feel dead and like iam in my own personal hell.


Look up hyper awareness ocd on shepherd Pratt’s website. One technique is to schedule your breath room breaks and only go then. But u still need to do erp to learn that it’s ok to be aware of those sensations and face the fears you’ve associated with them. Eventually you will want to try body scanning meditation but don’t do this until you habituate to your fears or you’ll mindfully ruminate during meditation making it all worse.