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Self-isolation cycle

Hello, what would you suggest for someone who has found themselves in the self-isolation cycle? I have a chronic sore throat due to acid reflux, which also causes earaches, has manifested in sinus issues, etc (cold like symptoms, just w/out the cold) I’m taking care of that, but covid and this condition started simultaneously for me, so still getting self to eat right, etc.
However, I have also found myself in a pattern of thinking some symptom is potentially covid, getting a dr appt, taking a test, getting a negative result, enjoying freedom from self-isolation for a couple of days, but then falling into the cycle again because some new symptom comes up. I’m in the beginning stages of OCD treatment with my dr and he suggested I have a med dr appt, but stick to only one opinion of that med dr and that’s it. I still had a covid test after that (as the med dr suggested, if I wanted, for the peace of mind), which was negative, and then fell back into the cycle again. I understand I shouldn't listen to the thoughts and pay attention to the symptoms, but it is very hard to do - scary thinking if I give it to anyone type of OCD thinking.
What would you suggest in this situation? I’m an outdoor type of person, so it’s hard. Plus I live alone, which also doesn't help.


I am also dealing with the same "what if" thinking about my year round allergy and sinus issues.. It is a terrible feeling that gets worse when physical effects of anxiety and panic hit also. The thoughts are hard to let go of, and I know you can't go get checked out for every little feeling. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful for me as well.

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