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Self Harm OCD


So I have severe OCD but was doing very well for a couple of months.  Now I have a new self harm theme.  What kind of rumination comes with this?  I find myself thinking that this time its not OCD and I am going to jump off my balcony.  The thought has been there 24/7 for a couple of days now that I'm afraid to walk by the railing.  I guess I am looking for reassurance that this is just my OCD once again. I know reassurance is bad.  I can't seem to turn off the thought. I also have anxiety at a 10 on the scale.  What can I do?


This sounds like it is part of your same theme. First of all take a few deep breaths and remember that you did do well for a couple of months. OCD is trying to pull you in again in a slightly different way. I know it is scary to walk by the railing but if you continue to avoid doing that it will only add to the OCD thoughts and make matters worse. Like Ali says "Come from a position of power" and call OCD's bluff for what it is. Try to focus on something in your life that will keep your mind and body busy and the anxiety should reduce and you will see this incident for what it is - just another trick from OCD.  You did it before and you can do it now. 

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I have this theme. For me, it’s been the hardest theme of my life. So hard! But there is hope. If you fear the thoughts, they will stick 24/7. I learned this the hard way. I’m here for you!