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rocd fear of cheating and a lot of other fears


hi, has anyone had the same situation in ocd relationships.
my ocd started when i was driving to meet a friend and i was thinking about nice moments with my partner and imagining our future and accidentally calling my partner by my friend's name it felt like cheating i felt really bad about it and of course i started to push those thoughts away so that when i kissed with a partner or was with him, then did not call him the name of a friend. this caused me anxiety and constant panic, then I started thinking whether I love at all, then discomfort with my partner together, then as if I want to break up, then thoughts, what if I have no feelings to my partner and why I am not jealous, etc. I try to ignore these thoughts, but the thought that I might like my friend drives me into a panic, I really don’t want this and I understand that I don’t really like him. and so yesterday I decided to try the exposition and specifically said to myself yes you like your friend and you don’t love your partner so you want to kiss your friend in the fields and so on (this was my exposition that I did for the first time and I don’t know if it’s right) then immediately after I went to tiktok and saw a cute couple there and I wanted to say about it me and my partner in my head, but I said it and my friend's name,! could it be not my thought, but the ocd-thought?! I am very afraid of this. if someone had a similar situation can you help me?
I also have a fear of cheating on whom I look at, it seems to me that I will cheat and I’m afraid that in the future I will get drunk and be able to cheat or someone will start flirting with me and I will answer the same, although I just want to love only my partner and no one else


how do I remove the fact that almost every time I think about a partner, the name of my friend climbs into my head, what should I do about it and how to fix it. what exactly you need to say to yourself in your head when this thought comes