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Relapse ocd


Hi In December it will be a month since I attempted suicide because of my ocd and my fear of having schizophrenia or having a psychotic break. Since March of this year I have improved a lot, in fact I have surprised myself, I have traveled, which I hadn't done for 6 years, everything was going great, I was myself again, but lately I have been thinking a lot about December because of all the things I tried to commit suicide and because I had a terrible time. Yesterday I was with my friends in the street and I had a panic attack, I felt like I was going crazy, I was getting "crazy" intrusive thoughts, the same ones I have been fighting with since I was diagnosed with ocd, type they are watching or they are spying you and a long etcetera, always of those types because I read a lot and researched when I was so afraid of having schizophrenia and well I had a strong panic attack while I was in the street, I asked my father to pick me up because I felt terrible and I felt that at any second I was going to lose my mind or I was going to have a psychotic break, I took a lorazepam although I didn't feel that it had much effect, when I got home I took another one and I was calmer and well today I am fine, I try to ignore the thoughts, something that my psychologist and my psychiatrist told me and during all the time that I was well it worked because the thoughts no longer affected me, I didn't care about them, but now I am reacting to them and I don't know if it is because of yesterday's panic attack or why, the thing is that I am very afraid of having a psychotic break, of going crazy or going back to last year, if someone has gone through the same thing please help me, I know that relapses in ocd are normal but I am still afraid, whoever can help me thank you very much.