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I have been doing a lot better, but I still have a lot of fear around getting or giving others Covid-19 and I know this is a real life event. It is difficult as we do have to be careful, but I wonder if I go to the extreme re: fear of packages delivered etc. How do I distinguish what is OCD speaking and what is actually being a responsible person? I recognize googling is not good for me to do. Do I just do the best that I can and live my life knowing that I can never be 100% certain about anything.

Also, when anxious I question my husband as to his behaviours around Covid as well which causes stress in our marriage, but I want to make sure he is being responsible to ease my anxiety - even though I know he is a responsible person.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


 Thanks. I still believe that it is a serious problem and we have to obey all of the rules - I am in Canada, but I am doing better as I know we can never have absolute certainty. You are right. We know more about the virus now, but I choose to still be careful but not go overboard which I realize OCD latched unto. 

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