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Recovery Tips For ROCD and all types of OCD themes


Hello Everyone.

I have been doing recovery work/ERP for ROCD for around 9 months now.

If you are reading this I'm guessing you discovered Ali's videos on OCD recovery via YouTube, which is exactly where I was fortunate enough to discover Ali Greymond too.

When I first discovered Ali's OCD recovery I was in a mess, I had reoccurring intrusive thoughts that I didn't love my partner anymore, these thoughts were accompanied by extreme anxiety (what Ali would call a level 10) , I would sit and Google my symptoms to try work out what was happening to me, I'd sit and ruminate over my scary ROCD thoughts all day, I couldn't concentrate on anything else, I couldn't sleep, I felt the need to confress my thoughts to my partner which always ended up with me going into a full blown panic attack and me being in tears. Sadly my ROCD got me to rock bottom, I was having suicidal thoughts, I thought I was losing my mind, and I thought the only way to get better was to runaway and leave my partner and family. It was a very disturbing and frightening period of my life and if any of the above is what you are going through then I genuinely do understand and sympathize what a living hell you are experiencing. But don't you worry! I'm here to tell you that EVERY single thought, negative emotion, feeling, break up urge etc that ROCD is repeatedly telling you IS A LIE!.

Now as I said earlier I'm 9 months into recovery work and I can honestly say that the advice Ali Greymond gives via her YouTube channel really does work and YOU CAN OVERCOME ROCD!

OK, so I watched Ali's videos on the first two stages of OCD recovery, I watched her videos on living parallel to the the thoughts, her videos on YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS! and I chose to not just listen to her but actually take her advice and DO ERP every single day with EVERY ROCD LIE that it threw at me!

So this is how I did it, my ROCD would tell me "YOU DON'T LOVE YOUR PARTNER ANYMORE!" so in my head Is reply to ROCD by saying VERY SARCASTICALLY "YEP THATS RIGHT OCD , DONT LOVE MY PARTNER OF COURSE I DONT!" by doing this it slowly starts to take away the fear and anxiety that the thought has been given you, it's not a quick fix and at first your anxiety levels may rise but that's ok and normal, you just need to sit with the anxiety and not react with fear, as you continue this method of ERP you will find the thoughts still come but not as often and they are less and less powerful, over time and repeated hard work of ERP and disregarding the thought as just a OCD lie you will eventually start to feel a little better until one day you will be laughing at the thoughts that OCD tells you. It is hard work, you will be tired and there will be setbacks but that's ok and normal in the recovery process, but eventually you will get there!.

Also it's true as you overcome one thought/theme OCD tries to switch thoughts/themes on you this happened to me in the first 3 months of recovery but again no matter what lies OCD throws at you you just need to stay strong and use the sarcastic agreeing ERP technique you used for your original thoughts and again you will get there.

Also any emotions/feelings that you experience is just part of OCD symptoms, they may feel super real but they are just more of OCD lies and you need to disregard and push through them, its hard but you can do it! I DID AND SO CAN YOU!!

As I said Im 9 months into recovery and on the whole I'm about 90% recovered. I occasionally get the thoughts but now push through and I'm ok, still using ERP but I'm doing ALOT BETTER and I'M STILL WITH MY PARTNER AND I KNOW I LOVE HER!!! LIFE IS PRETTY DAMN GOOD AGAIN!!!

I hope this helps anyone suffering, listen to Ali's advice, use ERP, keep pushing through and disregarding all of OCD lies/symptoms no matter what it tells you and how it real it feels I promise you OCD is nothing but a bully and a liar and YOU CAN OVERCOME IT!!!


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Thanks for sharing. These techniques work for every type of OCD.


hey, thank you so much for sharing. when you say disregard the thoughts as just an ocd lie (I know my thoughts are lies despite how real they may feel), what does that actually look like? as in what should my thought process be in that moment? once I have mocked the thought in question should I then push it out of my mind or do something else? I hope that makes sense, thank you again for sharing. 


Thank you all for sharing! I am wondering the same thing! I disregard or say “nice try ocd” like Ali always says, but then what should I aim to think about instead? I’ve struggled with this my whole life, and have spent most of my life ruminating, looking for things to feel guilty about and trying to solve whatever it was, endlessly. So naturally, I don’t know what I should be thinking about normally. Any suggestions outside of breathing techniques? Hopefully that makes sense!


Hi , once you get into the healthy habit of sarcastically disregarding the thought , the actual thoughts themselves eventually come less often, you may find you have minutes then hours then days where you don't have the thoughts. In my experience some days disregarding is easy and you find yourself laughing at how silly the OCD thoughts are, other days even though your actively disregarding the thoughts can come alot but your anxiety is still pretty low, some days despite you disregarding the thoughts can bombard you but again with little anxiety. The secret here is to accept you are still in recovery and this is normal, just keep disregarding and pushing through. As for where your mind should be after you disregard, don't try to push the thoughts out, just let them come in and keep sarcastically agreeing with them, it's not about what you should be thinking more about just trying to live your life as if you didn't have OCD, so for example my ROCD would say "you don't love your partner and you can't enjoy time with them so you have to leave them" so I'd be like "of course your right OCD, that's so true, just like all the other lies you've told me, infact I don't love my partner or anybody at all, jeez you really are a fountain of truth and wisdom aren't you OCD" then follow it up by doing the exact opposite of what OCD is telling you. So I'd spend quality time with my partner, maybe play a game, go for a walk together, basically just have fun together. The OCD thoughts will still pop up but just keep disregarding, it is hard and abit scary at first but with hard work it just gets easier and easier and you will find yourself having great quality OCD free time with your partner.



I had this exact experience and contemplated suicide. It was the scariest, darkest, worst nightmare of my life. for months I laid in bed from morning until night crying compulsively to relieve the pain of intrusive thoughts. I wanted to live on an island. I wanted to die. 


I started doing ERP with a therapist, after learning a lot from Ali, I found help. 2 months ago I could not be around my fiancé. Now I see him, I still get a twinge of anxiety ,do ERP, and go on with my day. It is not perfect but please understand I was living a daily hell and I went from a level 10 to a 2 in weeks. 

I know there is more work to be done, because I still live in slight fear of intrusive thoughts, or what if I freak out again, etc. But I just wanted to say that ERP has changed my life. It is the scariest thing ever, but it works. Do it. 


Hi! I'm going through this and it's awful... everytime I talk about it I want to cry so much because it hurts me so much the fact that I'm actually thinking these things about my boyfriend, the person I love the most! I'm so so so happy with him, every single moment, every single time, kiss, hug... he's everything I ever ever wanted e our connection is so beautiful that I just cannot simply understand why this happens. Maybe it's exactly because of that... he's e our relationship is so important to me that I cannot just accept them... I dont know but I just dont. The thoughts switch every single time but all of them are related to us. Anxiety never lows to less than 7 or 8, it everytime high. I cannot eat, I cannot concentrate, I cannot be me. All thoughts are negative, all thoughts create doubts that I never had about him or us because I love him so much.... I know relationships have difficulties, some days we feel a lot and some days we feel less, somedays are bored ans some days are not and thats absolutely NORMAL... it seems like theses thoughts make these normals things like catastrophes and I know it's not. It's normal and that does not mean we dont love each other because we do. So much. We're so beautiful together. The things I feel with him are the most beautiful feelings e emotions in the world and I wont let these stupid thoughts come in the middle of our beautiful story. Sometimes I'm fine and they come like ''see, you are not thinking about it, you are not feeling anything, this is all true, you're in denial, you're gonna hurt him and you" and I just panic, because it's all too much too handle that even knowing it's irrational I cannot just let it go, my brain sticks in it. I hate it because they all create doubts that dont existe, feelings and emotions that are negative, thoughts thoughts and thoughts and none of them are true. I hate this situation so much. I know I can overcome it and I will overcome it, for me, for him and for us. I won't lose the love of m life because of this, despite sometimes it tells me I'm in denial when I'm not. I just love him, love us, love everything we have and the beautiful life we're creating. I won't let this ruin it, I wont. I love him so much it hurts... in a good way. Thanks for sharing hope, we can do it.