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Poem about hope and the recovery process

Never have I seen the world through a lens like this. Where the sun shines loudly in my face but I can’t hear a thing. I never knew it was possible to look out the car window and see nothing but blocks rolling bye. Hot tea on my hand and I don’t even flinch. Suddenly everything is in a language that I can’t understand. The world is moving too fast and too slow. A girl smiles and waves at me. She is a mirage. I’m in this place that’s supposed to be familiar but none of the faces are. A girl speaks to me of the changes around here but she sounds like she’s under water. Or maybe I am.  I never knew the world could feel so.. While I may be underwater witnessing the world as a mirage, I seem to be getting closer and closer to the surface. Yes,I  still find myself in those depths from time to time, but I've become less acquainted with them even still. And every time I find myself face to face with the surface again, I can see the world unfold in greater clarity than before. I’ve explored these depths and seen what they're made of. They have shown me what I’m made of. I have thrashed in it’s waves, floated in it’s void, and fought against it’s currents. How folly it is to scream underwater. Just as gradually as I sank, I rise. I promise myself this. When I break through that surface and discover the world all over again, I will relish. When I feel the sun dotting on me I shall bask in it like a fat dog. When I speak it will echo because there will be no water to stifle my voice. When I get hurt I’ll tend to the wound tenderly because it is pain is better than numbness.. I will dance , I will scream, I will laugh, I will breathe. I will do all things that seemed impossible when one is underwater.

I hope others can find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Every victory you make in this process is truly something to be celebrated. We are courageous, we are strong, we are brilliant, and we deserve the best. Keep pushing through for yourself. No matter what OCD tells you you deserve to be happy and free. Much love to my fellow warriors, we got this!!

Feeling down today and decided to read this. Thank you so much. 

Brought a tear to my eyes. Thanks for this.


Very good!

Thank you so much

Feeling down today and decided to read this. Thank you so much. snow rider 3d