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Pls tell me what type of ocd it is and how to get over it


My one is i will do something ex- Breathe in certain ways or saying or reapting certain word and I will check how people reacting and how I am doing my work if they don,t respond well I will change words. i have habit of repeteating word in my head example if I decide to do what ali said in video to track time then I will track time and see how people are reacting and  how I m doing my work  if not good I will change the repeating word to  erp what are my compulsion bla  bla  so point is I add faith to this and  repeat this words,i think if i repeat it my perfomance will good or best .if i play game this word will improve my performance and this word will not ,and .also if i decided to not repeat any word i will repeat in my head "not repeat" and check how people are responding or doing my work. I they don,t respond well I well switch back to different words. One more example ; if i repeat or say'don,t think what people think about you' i will check the family member or freind are talking to me nice or not and if not i will change the word 


Doesn't matter what type except to address it. Sounds like somatic and magical thinking. It will still take not doing compulsions/avoiding to treat it. Ali said you can do a compulsion wrong for example. If you feel like you should do something then do it wrong or not at all. Sit or allow anxiety, let it decrease by at least half way then move on. It helps to create a hierarchy, work way up later to hardest exposures.