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please, someone help me!


please, someone help me. I don't know if it is anxiety, but I can't stop having thoughts like this "I want (someone, always a loved one) to die". please, can someone tell if it is "normal", if it is OCD?


I am desesperate, please someone help me 🙁


OCD works counter intuitively- The more you want it to go away the more it actually comes in- BIG TIME! Believe me- I know. Its like saying to yourself dont think about the pink elephant- dont think about the pink elephant- Sure enough you are thinking of the bloody pink elephant!

You need to sit there with the thoughts, urges, sensations, the words it throws, the people it trys to attach itself to.. feeling like you want it, thoughts saying its really you.. etc etc etc etc OCD has an unlimited box of tricks that you will never ever solve- and when you do solve it- it just comes back again with something different and it starts again.

You need to cut the head off the beast and stab it in the heart- Which means you need to be able to sit with the thoughts- Without touching it, focusing on it, without figuring it out, all of that is re-assurance and makes OCD worse.

OCD works on your biggest fears and your actions are a safety mechanism that your brain feels that it protects you- Its a over sensitive fight or flight system which means ASBOULETY NOTHING ABOUT YOU- People are born that way- Scientific fact. End of story.

Do not ruin your life over bullshit LIES that ocd throws at you- Grab OCD but the neck and rip its heart out before it rips you to pieces!


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