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Partner focused ROCD


I have partner focused ROCD and it has made my life a living hell. Right now I am avoiding my partner out of fear of an anxiety attack or ill start obsessing over their “flaw” which I can’t fix and can’t be changed, makes me feel like the worst human to ever walk this Earth. I don’t know how it went from passing insecurity to full blown obsession. I can’t be around them. I hate myself. Does anyone have experience with this?


Hi Somedaysoon,

You need to gradually reduce avoiding and increase refusing rumination. Yes he and you and me have flaws. That is to be accepted and everything beyond that are just OCD thoughts.


Its horrible I'm single but if ever go on dates I start questioning ot all straight away and obsessing about the future and what if I'm not good enough or what if they want kids that scares me as I had realy bad postnatal ocd after son was born so now ocd has made that a fear and obsession I hate it 


I wanted to post an update, I am the original poster, Since posting I got an OCD therapist and have been doing ERP EVERY DAY and it was SCARY AS HELL for WEEKS and then one day I saw my partner and I DID NOT REACT.

I am still going through the process but LISTEN TO ALI - DO ERP. ERP. ERP. DO IT. You will be free. 

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