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OCD related to study (Reading, learning and taking notes in generally) 


Hello I'm an OCD sufferer for the past 8years...My OCD wasn't that bad at the initial stage.. even i couldn't realize i had OCD untill March of 2019. So basically the field of extent I'm suffering most is during study (to be noted I'm a student) . My OCD becomes severe when i try to study and it sucks not being able to get out of it...Thanks to Ali ma'am for making things somewhat easier for me :') but then again it feels like things are falling apart.

I don't know how should i get rid of it :') everything is just falling apart... I'm not getting good grades.. i can't study properly and it's so important for me to get into a proper engineering college but at this stage of life feels like I'm letting everyone down :') I'm a student so I'm not even financially capable of recovery program and counseling.

I tried the method of tracking the time of rumination but I'm not able to do it properly as my most of the OCD hits while studying so I'm eventually failing on doing it properly.

The specific OCD themes that I'm facing :

1.While reading anything it feels like I'm skipping lines :")

2 .While taking notes it feels like I've missed something to note down.

3.While following lecture videos,feels like I've missed something important so continuously rewind the video

4.Feels unsure if this problem no. Is 4 or something else.

5.while revising lecture notes continuous rumination.







Hi Rubayet,

Are you doing any physical compulsions?

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Rubayet Rafsan

Yes,ma'am I am but most of them are mental compulsions. Among physical compulsion the one i indulge frequently is (whenever i do online classes, it feels like i didn't hear the teacher properly so i rewind the lecture and do rumination) but rest are basically mental compulsions.

Ma'am can you give me a proper guideline on how to track the time in this case ?.. it's really getting hard and confusing to track the time in my case 🙁 i just wanna recover quickly and effectively.