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My topic has been going about 2 years and a half now, I have the fear of not loving him enough, not being in love or feeling love. everytime I do feel love ocd tells me I am lying to myself. I check for everything any emotion, feeling urge. they feel so real. I have been better and have felt in love and happy yet ended up here again.


Your problem is that you’re checking and giving your OCD credibility. When ocd tells you that you’re feelings are fake and you’re lying to yourself, it will feel real and it will feel scary. Instead of fighting with this or worrying about it, just tell yourself “maybe”. Maybe you’re lying, maybe you’re not, but you aren’t going to sit around and figure it out or try to get the “right feeling”. So tell ocd “maybe” and refocus on life. I’ve been using this and it’s helped me a ton! It’s hard at first but gets so much easier! You’ve got to be willing to refocus thought and not look back to check and see if it feels “right” even after you’ve calmed down. Keep moving on and living by your values!