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Like why


Ok so I started having really bad HOCD back in October. Then around February my thoughts started calming down a little and my anxiety started leaving little by little. I honestly thought I was getting better. I was ok for about 3 ish weeks and then the other day I started thinking these thoughts again and I think I’m starting to get back into HOCD. Although this time my thoughts don’t always come in as what if’s now they say “oh you looked at that girl and thought she was pretty so you like her” or “ your bisexual” and I don’t have any anxiety so now idk if maybe I AM bisexual and I just haven’t realized. I say o wouldn’t want to have a relationship with a girl but then sometimes I think this and my brain tells my maybe you would and now I’m really confused. Please help. Am I gay/bisexual?? Is this what someone bisexual might think??


I honestly think you have hocd.... Ocd thoughts can come without anxiety which actually means you are quite far in the recovery process. Most people fall back in cause they think now that thay don't feel anxiety towards the thoughts it must be true..... DON'T FALL FOR IT... IT'S ALL LIES..... If you never even considered this or had thoughts like this in the past.... Ones that didn't concern you then you are not gay or bisexual... You would feel comfort and right but you feel anxious and wrong that.. Even if you don't feel anxious these thoughts continue to bombard you which people who are gay and bisexual don't experience the constant bombardment of thoughts... Continue to disregard and move on no matter how real the thought feels.... It honestly feels like it's never gonna go away at times I know.... I've had it for 8 months now and it's not as bad as before but still gets to me at times and feels so damn real... But then you have to remind yourself I've this way all my life... Sexuality cannot change.... I wish you the best of luck... By the way what you are experiencing is called a setback watch alis video on it... It just means the brain is trying to drag you back into rum to see if the thought is important after giving you a break