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Lemme drop some fact bombs on all y’all struggling with religious ocd


This ocd is no different than other ocd, your ocd is no different than someone with harm ocd, pocd, hocd, etc

It just takes a different form, it’s the same picture with different colors. None of it means your life is in danger. It just means you value your religion so much.


What your saying is true but it won't help anyone. 


Religious OCD was one of my first OCD themes before getting into the other 'worse' themes for me.

I use to sleep with a pillow on my ear because i feared that something evil would crawl into my ear when i slept.

Its all bullshit- The fear, the thoughts- the EVERYTHING associated with it- is all BS.

OCD attacks what is earnest to the person most. So the most religous people would have the religion ocd.

My ocd got me to the point where i cursed god!- I am not happy about it- and i feel like shit- but when OCD takes you to the end of the road, BY GOD IT TAKES YOU THERE! OCD has no remorse, no filter- NOTHING. It will take everything from you and more..... only if you let it.

Stop the OCD by stopping all rituals, all compulsions, everything!!!


You are not helping anyone. Of course it isn't real man it's a mental illness. But how is that going to help anyone in the middle of it? Please be more careful. May God bless you. 


Sorry, I didnt mean anything by it, I thought it would help I will try to be more careful


The same image is still there; it just takes on a new shape and colour. You are not in peril of your life in any way. It simply indicates how highly you hold your faith.


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