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Is it False Memory OCD?


Hello. I wanted to clarify whether this is a false memory environment or not. The point is that I have an ocd with a false memory on various topics. After the ocd thought that I suddenly attacked a person, I thought about the thought, tried to understand whether it was or not, imagined, as it were, the thought that I want to understand whether I had such a thought, it immediately aroused the thought that suddenly I attacked now, because I had a thought, but I understood that I imagined a thought, but I do not remember attacking. Once thinking about a thought, I kind of imagined a thought, but I can't describe what exactly that thought is. Those. I kind of imagined the thought that suddenly there was something, the thought immediately came to my mind that I suddenly attacked, but I realized that I had just imagined the thought, but I cannot describe this thought. Those. I cannot understand what kind of thought it is and whether it is a manifestation of OCD with false memory, because it turns out that thoughts do not come on their own, but I seem to imagine a thought (that suddenly something happened), a thought immediately comes to my mind, that suddenly I just attacked, but I understand that I imagined a thought. Those. I kind of imagined a thought and thus trigger OCD thoughts that I suddenly attacked. I understand that OCD state is when obsessive thoughts come to my mind, but I think about the old situation, whether it was or not, I imagine a thought and the thought comes to my mind that I suddenly attacked, but I understood that I might be thinking about the thought and imagined a thought, but thoughts creep into my head that suddenly I did not imagine the thought, but suddenly I attacked, although I realized that I did not remember doing it. I would like to hear Ali Graymond's opinion on this situation. What is this thought I am imagining and is it a manifestation of False Memory OCD. Thank you in advance.


I know it feels very real, but you have to choose to disregard all the thoughts, and all the feelings and whatever urges you may feel etc. Its all ocd. You really have to reduce the time spent ruminating and then eliminate it. Dont research, dont continue compulsions. Or delay. You can recover!