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Is it common to repeat a thought again and again

Hello guys I am new here. I am not good in English because it's not my home language but I will try to explain because I need help. 
I have pure O Ocd. I just want to ask, Is it normal for an OCD  to feel as if you like it or you are enjoying it even though you are not comfortable with it? Because I can see that I ruminate most of the time and the feeling is not enjoyable. Now that I am stating to do the tracking I have many thoughts accompanied with feelings which convincing me that I am creating these thoughts, and I keep on recalling them. Thoughts like it is impossible for me to recover , and sometimes just found myself in deep, ruminating. 

I used to not to like the way I feel (anxiety, pains and the rumination) but now that I am tracking things are different and totally changed to that point it feels real and feel as if I recall these thoughts and I am not going to recover . What is worse is that I have someone that I love and it pushes me away from her and it's been months trying to avoid her because I get to have a lot of fear and thoughts when I am around her.

So my questions are:
Is it normal to recall same thoughts over and over again?  I can't stop this I do this over and over and I don't know why because it gives me anxiety. 
Is it normal to struggle focus on things (such as being in a present, not sexual active and school) because I am a student but I am struggling to focus on my books.
Is it common for an Ocd to make you feel you as if you enjoy and you are creating these thoughts purposefully??
And How can I stop the habit of asking myself to think of the thought that gives me Anxiety?