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I'm really scared of pocd and I'm terrified because it feels like it's not ocd anymore


I'm very worried it won't stop and the attraction feeling feels so real and i keep getting dreams about it and is worrying me it doesn't feel like pocd anymore and it feels like Im not worried and I'm scared it feels like it isn't ocd anymore and I want to scream 

Ronnie has reacted to this post.

Hello! I understand how scary it must be to deal with these feelings, especially when it’s difficult to decipher how genuine they are.

You’re definitely not alone. I have personally dealt with this, and many others on this website have as well. OCD comes in many forms- it is not limited to just thoughts. OCD can even come in through dreams. I’ve had that happen to me many times.

You also mentioned that you weren’t feeling worried about having these dreams/feelings of attraction. But you’re still feeling anxious! You’re feeling anxious about not feeling that initial anxiety, so what you’re dealing with is still OCD.

What has helped me a lot, is this: Whenever I am confronted with some sort of content that bothers me, I store whatever that may be in an OCD box, and a write it off as unimportant. I don’t go back to check, and I don’t go back to figure it out. I just leave it. Trying to figure it out is a compulsion, which only adds fuel to the fire.

So, try your best to disregard, my friend! I understand it may seem real, but if OCD didn’t feel real, then it would be MUCH easier to navigate through this. I wish you the best of luck.