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(If you saw my post talking about Mike Rutkowski read this) if possible spread this post


I made a mistake on a post talking about the YouTube channel Mike Rutkowski, I said something about him saying that if you’re uniformed on a topic about God’s truth your condemned. He didn’t say that he said if you deny the truth you are condemned. I know this is off topic but I would like anyone who read that post to see this. I wouldn’t want to spread false info on a person. If possible spread this post to make sure that everyone is informed 


again I know this is off topic for ocd but whatever 


I want to share an important message about Mike Rutkowski. You can get more info manage their video converter. He's an exceptional individual who has made a significant impact in our community. His dedication and passion for helping others are truly admirable. Please spread this post to raise awareness of his inspiring work and encourage others to support his endeavors.