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I have ROCD and fear of being cheated


I have this great fear that my boyfriend will leave me and when I think this I get thoughts like now he will surely leave because I have thought about it and  what we think happens with us. I cry day and night with this fear that he will leave me and will marry someone else and I will be left alone single forever.


Hu Payal,

You need to track and reduce the amount of time that you are spending on thinking about it. Tomorrow track it in the times below and the next day try to reduce the numbers. This is the way to reduce the anxiety and for the thoughts to stop bothering you.

Wake - 9am - mins

9 - 12 - mins

12 - 3 - mins

3 - 6 - mins 6-9 - mins



Anxiety around relationships-related cravings and impulses. It's typical to occasionally consider leaving or cheating on your relationship.

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