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I can't stop myself from overthinking! Help


Many times I overthink about what could go wrong if I'm not involved and I end up overcommitting to many things, I always try to convince people into doing my way whenever I feel like their way is not perfect. I am a sucker for perfection and that stands in my way of settling for anything that I feel is average, even partners. So I end up doing many thinks to escape my thoughts, to escape how I normally think. I've been self isolating since my teenage years I'm not coping


You need to stop ruminating it’s a compulsion. Look up to meet with Ali, NOCD, better help, or a local (even state-wide) ocd specialist. The more you try to figure this out the worse it will get. And stop looking for reassurance!!! It won’t help at all. You need to learn how to stop asking the question. 

it sounds like you have a good idea of where your problems are no one else can change them except for you so pick this moment to get started and take your life back.