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I can't cut it down to 0

I posted about that i cut it downbut it's more denykng compulsions than actually doing erp the sad truth is that i always rumknate a few mknutes by pure accident snd then try to prove to myself that it doesn't count but that's rumination too why do i accidentally ruminate 1 or 2 minutes per day no matter how hard i try why i will never rrcover it's already been 6 months

It has continued for weeks just why do thw few minutes always come i should just give up on life and still im optimistic everyday that i will recover and that i won't ruminate for a few minutes without noticing why foes this happen i wan't to give up it just took 6 months just to get to this point when i was supposted to recover in this time

Sometimes i think that i just should delete my account on scratch even tho i fear it it feels like im wasting years on not giving up a stupid account

But why do i accidentally ruminate for those 2 stupid minutes when i notice that i ruminated accidentally it's same to ruminate the whole day now that i failed already just why i can't see a day when i don't ruminate for 2 godforsaken minutes

My summer break will be ruined i had the plan to recover by now but the 2 minutes just come it's always accidentally im fully aware of it only when i already did it i know i will fail this weekend too

Yeah im ruminating right now but i already failed i was so close to 0 but here i am i the day went great until on the home economics class i was planning to post avout eyesight ocd but when it was too late i ruminated accidentally i know im being too harsh on myself as one guy said and that i everyone has setbacks sometimes bug i still have them all the tine

It sounds like you are focusing too much on how long it will take to recover. I know that it has been said that you can recover in 6 months or so, but that is not true for everyone. I have been a very long time in recovery, but at first I really didn't understand how OCD worked. Forget about how long it will take. Just do your best every day and realize that you don't go back to square one if you make a slip. I used to focus on taking so long to recover also, but now I don't as much as it just makes things worse. It will take as long as it takes. 

I wish you the best in your recovery.

Yeah im feeling a lot better just gotta keep going

this is so wholesome, i love it