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How to overcome swallow obsession?


I been struggling with this for a year now

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Hi! I’m so sorry no one has responded yet. This is a hyper awareness fear. Very common. First things first it’s ok to notice the unpleasant feelings you get and to be aware of it. I will link a webpage you may find very useful. 



Swallow on purpose, stop at halfway mark and allow it to be uncomfortable. Also you can agree with thoughts that come up or challenge them. Like for example...if I'm aware of my breathing or swallowing, I think what if I stop breathing or what if I choke on food and die? Well, that's a what if thought rooted in ocd and panic for me. So I'd write down the thought, rate the anxiety one to ten (suds) and ask questions like has this ever happened, etc search challenging thoughts on youtube. Doesn't matter if it's ocd or no. Face and challenge it all. 


Also wearing something on your throat to cause pressure, a scarf etc you'll basically be doing this for a min, then sitting til anxiety reduces by half or two mins, try to do it 5 to 8 times in a sitting. You're bringing the sensations on purpose to show your brain it's not dangerous etc