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How do I ignore, so that I can actually start recovery?


Hi all,

I have religious ocd and I usually get terrible blasphemous thoughts and curse words when I am about to start (and even during) a religious obligation. I also have other problems (severe doubts, feelings, etc.). However, I try so hard to prepare for it before I start a religious duty and remind myself that I will get a terrible thought and I will have to ignore it and continue the religious duty I was starting. Yet, when it actually happens, I cannot ever ignore...ever. It is extremely difficult. I feels extremely wrong and unforgivable.

Any true and tried tactics that helped you all ignore?

PLEASE do not mention any curse words or blasphemous words/phrases. They are extremely triggering for me.

Thank you.


You are getting these thoughts because Jesus means so, so much to you

How long has this been going on? Whenever you get a thought, think of it as a lie, or a trick to make you stumble.

Thoughts have nothing to do with reality no matter how real they seem. If a thought is stuck in your mind remind yourself that Jesus knows that you are having this thought, and he knows you wouldn’t actually do this. Someone who actually did this would not be searching for help, because by then they would already have hardened their hearts toward our mighty Lord. What are your doubts?


I had this very badly. Right now most important thing is to stop ruminating and to understand that this is a mental issue not a religious issue. Your OCd is attacking your faith because you love it. You are not committing sins. Jesus loves you no matter what.


Little off topic, but can someone reply to my post called am I okay?
not many people have responded and I want some help


Original poster here. Thank you all so much for helping me and giving me advice! God bless you!

This has been going on for three or more years now.  It started out as a bad thought that annoyed me, and then the thoughts got more frequent and more intense in their blasphemy and severity against God. It frightens me and prevents me from completing the religious duty I was doing and I keep on starting over and over and over and say good things to cancel out the terrible words in my thoughts.