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Hi, so I am in the recovery process and I have had so many themes it’s hard to count. Right now I am on hocd and i’ve never experienced this theme to this extent I’ve had little spurts here & there a few years ago but i was able to brush them off as i knew they were not true. This year has been the absolute worst for my ocd so it’s no surprise this theme latched on so tight. I know for a fact i am a straight female and love my boyfriend so much, i have always been into guys and never questioned it once. For some reason the thoughts of being a lesbian won’t leave me & it’s terrifying. It’s pretty much completely focused on oral sex and it’s so scary because i do not want that at all. Has anyone else had this? And does anyone have tips on not being so disturbed?


You have nothiong to fear- It is 100000% OCD. OCD filters through the flavors that bother you the most- This is one of them! Regardless of what it says, how it feels, this urges and feelings that it creates ITS ALL OCD. OCD can take everything away from you if you let it- Trust me, I know!
You need to sit with the thoughts and do nothing! Do not focus on it, do NOT touch it- It comes it- Yep now worries- and keep going on with the day. If your laying in bed, get up or watch a movie to take your mind off it. I am also in recovery and thoughts are coming in literally EVERY SECOND!!! Its how OCD works and the more you charge it up the worse it gets!

People are born that way- they do not 'change or choose! Its all OCD BULLSHIT! Sit with it and PUSH THROUGH!!!!


Thank you so much for this response! I feel so much less alone in this horrible fight! We totally got this! It’s horrible but we have a leg up since we know what it is!