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help me


my therapist said:

if u get intrusive thoughts and they are often coupled with thoughts like “i like this” or “that’s attractive” then that means it is not ocd

nothing triggering please just anyone who can relate or shed light on what this is without being triggering? please think before u comment. don’t say anything negative or triggering !!


it’s been 8 months with this theme and it’s changed now. this is how it feels now, so my new obsession with it is fearing how it doesn’t seem ego dystonic or maybe that’s not the right wordZ whatever the term is for feeling like ur thoughts do not line up with ur desires. 

anyone else ever started to just agree with their sexual thoughts without even trying to? and then u just start to enjoy them every time u get them until 15 seconds later a wave of anxiety hits u ?


You need to find a new therapist immediately. Therapist has no idea what OCD can do!

ERP is accepting the thoughts are there not that the thoughts are real or mean anything- ERP is sitting with the thought- knowing its there but continuing with the day. I was getting the same thought every second- and i mean EVERY SECOND! OCD was saying you are that, you want it, its really you, it use to grab random people, it grabbed family members, it try attaching itself to deceased family members- you name it- OCD has unlimited box of tricks that it uses- You need to kill the beast at the core... and the way to do that is to disregard, do not give into it, dont touch it, dont talk about it, nothing- Stop rumination, compulsions, asking people, reassuarance, etc- You will be surprised how many things are entangled into the OCD's web.

But get a new dr ASAP!