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Help! False memory ocd


Hello. Have suffered from false memory OCD for several years. Recently, the okr got caught up in the topic: "suddenly I attacked a man." This thought came first in the process when I was writing the letter. I realized that I didn’t remember leaving the apartment, I don’t remember picking up the keys. The next days I pondered this thought, I was in great excitement in a state that suddenly I attacked someone. Reflecting on the thought, I imagined the thought that suddenly I wanted to attack, the thought immediately came to my mind that suddenly I just started, because I had such a thought, but I understood that I was imagining the thought, but I do not remember leaving. The next day I thought about a thought, imagined something and the thought immediately came to my mind that I suddenly attacked, but I realized that I did not remember leaving the apartment. There was a thought in my head that I suddenly hid the man in the attic, but I realized that only the neighbors had the keys to him, I realized that I did not take the keys. The next day I sat up in the evening, listened to music and thought about the past thought, I realized that I did not remember attacking, but scenarios came into my head that suddenly I forgot, suddenly I hid a man in the attic, suddenly they found him there and something made and now it is not there. Suddenly, I can’t prove in any way that this was not the case. I was thinking about the past situation. I remember restarting my phone and listening to music. I don't remember exactly what happened next, but the thought came to my mind that suddenly I attacked, suddenly I attacked, because I was suppressed by the past thought, suddenly I was in such a state, but I photographed that I was sitting on the sofa and did not remember, to leave. But in my head there was a thought that suddenly I attacked. I realized that I was probably listening to music and perhaps imagined a thought, after which the thought came that I suddenly attacked, but I realized that I did not remember exactly that time, suddenly at that time I was upset and attacked someone. It was 4 in the morning. I understood that most likely the door to the attic was closed, but the thought came to my mind that suddenly the neighbors had forgotten to close it that very evening (although I understand that this is strange and the door was hardly closed), I understand that I do not remember I don’t remember any people, I don’t remember being in the attic, I don’t remember attacking, but in my head the thought that I don’t remember how the thought came that I suddenly attacked. Suddenly I was upset by the past thought and suddenly attacked. But I realized that it was not possible to imagine a thought and the thought came to my mind that suddenly I was attacked, but the thought was constantly in my head that suddenly I could attack. I would like to hear your opinion. Is this a manifestation of false memory OCD? How can this type of OCD be treated? Okr is trying to impose on me feelings that suddenly I’m not like that, that suddenly I did it, it’s hard for me to think about something other than this situation, the feeling that I need to check the attic to see if there is someone there, but I understand that this will be a conviction, i.e. ritual and it won't solve OCD. But I am worried that I could suddenly do something. Thank you for understanding.


It always feels very very real. This is ocd. You have to choose to disregard the thoughts and allow them to be there without adding to it or reacting to it. Try to live your life. This also includes any feeling, urges , or sensations you feel. You must choose to refuse reaction.