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Harm OCD: feeling like you want the thoughts???


Can OCD make you feel, or try to convince you, that you actually want the thoughts? Initially, the thoughts terrified me, and they still do to some extent, but my anxiety has gone down and I’m being strong and making good progress. But now it makes me feel that I want the thoughts, and that scares me. Sometimes, rather than an intrusive thought that comes in and out, the thought just linger there for a while. I’ve been focusing on ERP and just redirecting my attention but it’s hard when it’s sometimes just always there in the background like a nagging gnat, especially when I’m trying to sleep and it upsets me. I’m assuming this is all OCD trying to reel me back in. How  do you handle this?


I had the same, especially when in low mood, i feel like i really get absorbed in thoughts and emotions. I was told this is the habit of worry and habit of thinking. Now that you have done erp and reduced the anxiety, its like a residue of whats left of it, the habit of worrying and thinking, which also needs to be worked on and dropped. So you continue to do the same, disregard and not ruminate. If you continue to ruminate and analyze this low grade, you will get yourself back into severe anxiety again. So keep disregarding and redirect focus to present.

  1. Thank you! I had a feeling this was a residual of something, because my anxiety has definitely been lessened. This makes total sense.

Hi all,

I was self diagnosed with OCD at the age of 13... I am now 57. I haved lived with OCD my entire life without medication. My advise to folks who just discovered this dreadful condition is to say to yourself THIS IS JUST A THOUGHT ...A UNWANTED THOUGHT..IT IS NOT A ACTION...THIS TOO SHALL PASS!! OCD IS A BROKEN RECORD IN OUR BRAINS THAT LIES TO YOU! It is NOT you!! YOU are a good person or you would not be seeking help if you were not! Just that simple!

Please try your best to resist doing compulsions and do not resist the obsession..let it pass in your brain and say YOU ARE OCD AND NOT A GENUINE THOUGHT! I DISMISS YOU!

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