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Fear of harming someone I love


Currently I am battling harm OCD. sometimes when i do exposures i go into derealization/ depersonalization because they can sometimes be very intense. I hate it. I just want to feel like I can be myself again. I dont want to feel afraid that I am a bad person or that something bad will happen. Its exhausting. I am still in that shock faze where I have a really hard time being in the present moment. How do I disregard derealization?

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I struggled with Harm OCd myself. I used to get thoughts that i wanted to hurt my loved ones. Best advice i could give ( I wish i had done this) don't engage in compulsions. Don't stay away from knives or things like that. Also don't avoid being with the loved one your OCD is about. Remember these thoughts are not yours. Hang in there you can do it. God bless.

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I also have harm OCD.
lanabanana283@gmail.com I feel so terrible too!
I suffer so much!


I also had harm OCD and depersonalization. I definitely understand and you just have to refuse as much as possible. Track how much you are ruminating and if you are doing any compulsions or avoidances. I will add the tracker below.

Wake - 9am - mins

9 - 12 - mins

12 - 3 - mins

3 - 6 - mins

6-9 - mins




How do you use the tracker?