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Fear of becoming a psychopath


I have harm OCD and I dont know what category psychopath OCD goes in, but I have a huge fear of turning into a psychopathic person with no empathy and no emotion and no care for anyones suffering. I know it's stupid and makes no sense but I'm still freaking out over it. Like what if one day I just dont care anymore???? Or what if one day I'll snap and hurt someone without remorse????  I really dont know what to do.....


Hey my friend,

I really understand what you feel, had the same when I was around 16. You know, psychopaths don’t have any fear or thoughts about this, they don’t even think about if there are a bad person or not. Try to be a little bit rational: would someone, who is EMPATHIC and anxious be a psychopath? ... NO. Anxious people are highly sensitive and empathic, the complete opposite of what you fear to be.

Disregard all the feelings that come with this topic, OCD brings you all the false feelings. Accept your thoughts, sensations & co. Do ERP and Show your Brain that you are not afraid about this. Give yourself some love, compassion and be patient with yourself. You already suffered enough and OCD has NO power to destroy your life. I am with you!

You will recover. Much love for you <3