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False memory OCD question


Hello. I have a false memory with harm. I wanted to clarify what to do if OCD is fixated on one topic and I am concerned about one thought about a situation in the past (not distant past)? I'm trying to figure out whether it was or not. I got up in the morning and went to drink water, lay down on the sofa and thought about past thoughts. Perhaps I was thinking about an old thought and the thought might have occurred to me that I suddenly attacked. But I seem to remember asking the person who was in the flat if I had left. The person replied that I did not leave flat. When I woke up, the thought came to my mind that I suddenly attacked at that time when I got up. The thoughts began to come to my mind that all of a sudden what I was asking was not true, suddenly I came up with it, because I understood that I was sleepy and now I don't remember exactly what happened, but I understand that I could not have had such a thought. But OCD got hooked on something that suddenly I forgot, because I was sleepy and may not remember some of the time. Thank you in advance.