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False memories


Hello guys. Sorry for me English. 

I had recovered from ocd for 3 months. I was feeling myself again.. Now the hell is here, my ocd is back. I have false memories that I killed. It's so disgusting and making me feel so sad and depressed. It's like I forgot how to get better, how to recover. I also have thought's that I don't deserve to live that I should stay all day at home, that I shouldn't marry my man.. I don't know how to continue my life because whatever I do I do it with depression, very big depression. Should I continue my life and living with these very strong depressive feelings? Please advice me someone who has recovered from false memory ocd. 


Every journey from past is complicated due to delusions, false memories false naming of real events. But its better for human to accept this reality that these things are part of life and overcome this by making their  home’s air quality better. Because home is the only place from where all our life activities belongs.