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false memories ocd / doubt over the past


Hello , i am having a bit of a hard time with my false memory ocd i could use some help . this all started in early november of 2020 when i was looking at tiktoks early i the morning i had seen that someone had posted a tiktok bout their harm story when they were younger. i suddenly had intrusive thaughts about what if i have harmed someone in the past and cant remember , or , what if i have been inappropriate towards someone and i am just in denial about it ,then this image came up it was blurry and does not make any sense . instantly my anxiety went from o to 100 . and the thaughts became the front and center of my world . for about 2 months i was just consumed by the compulsions a major one was google i would search up what these thaughts mean and if there was something that could proof if they were real of not .  although there was no actual memory to any of this there was just the doubt . then i came across ali greymonds youtube and watched some of her videos about false memories and also how to recover . slowly i started to refuse looking at the thaughts and just let them be also i was able to majorly reduce my rumination . then after a few week i was able to see that the thaughts did not really make any sense and that this was just in my head . then a couple of days later of refusing the thaughts my mind quickly went to what if i will hurt someone and once again my anxiety sky rocketed and i feel right back to square 1 with ocd . but with the help of ali i was soon able to pick myself right back up and i started to refuse reactions to the thaughts . then i was good for a while with no thaughts but then my ocd went right back to the false memories about what i have harmed someone and i just cant remember . there is no real memory only the daubt . and advise for this is this a false memory ? how can i overcome this ?i was able to bring my anxiety down and also rumination time .


Hi, i wanna clarify that my main language is not english, so i may mispronounced some words. I wanted to tell you, i have a really similar ocd, and one thing my therapist said that really helped was "you have to understand that trying to remember something its impossible, you rather feel powerless as if you are the problem that cant figure it out, if its true or not. you have to remind yourself, that its IMPOSIBLE" basically i try to see it like i dont wanna waste my time in something i know my mind its gonna play games with it, by chanching the memories, making me feel confused. I wanna enjoy life fully, and with that i have to trust not to make a big deal, althouth sometimes i really feel disgusted by the memories and can´t function properly. We have eachother, stay strong, and write if you need