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For those here that have given your life to Christ the number one goal of the devil is to make us give up on our faith! I have had Religious ocd and have spent many nights crying and praying bc it is so hard sometimes but to anyone who is reading this and suffering from religious OCD. Keep faith in Jesus you are not alone! God loves us and is with us In our battles. WE ARE NOT ALONE! The thoughts and feelings seem so real with ocd and intrusive thoughts centered on our faith and trying to make us doubt can be brutal trust me but I pray God gives you strength and that the Holy Spirit will give you comfort! God is all we need. When our mind fails us He is there! Do not let your past downfalls make you feel like less of a Christian. OCD cannot defeat us bc greater is He that’s within Us. God bless you all. Just wanted to encourage you and let you know that God loves you!