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Blinking ocd



I recently deleted a video from Snapchat and I usually feel better if I get a certain image in my head right after u delete something or while doing almost anything of significance  and blink right after as if to finalize the thought . I have been tracking and have even been doing erp for some things purposely allowing a bad image in after doing a certain action. This time I was trying to have a good image  (cause I was weak ) and accidentally had a bad one come in as I blinked while deleting a video. Instead of uploading it back up and deleting it again I decide to make it an erp instead. This was 2 days ago and am still aware of it and I feel like every time I blink that image is what I keep  remembering and that gives me anxiety. So almost 60% of the time it feels as if I am manually blinking instead of it happening naturally and that makes things worse as I feel like this might last forever. Does anybody  have an input about this or have been through something similar ? Thank you 🙂


I do not have experience with blinking ocd although I did hear some ocd stories podcasts where they discussed it. Perhaps you can look there for some more guidance. I do remember the important things were that it is ok to be aware of your blinking. This is how erp is done for that. You set scheduled reminders and timers to bring awareness to your blinking. Make sure it’s done on schedule and within the allotted time. If you are unsure about how to blink you tell yourself every blink after this one is the wrong one. I believe this is commonly known as the tail-end spike. Dr. Stephen Phillipson talks about it and it manifests in many ocd types it this one especially. If you don’t know which one is right tell your brain they’re both wrong and blink. Imaginal exposures as well what are the feared consequences of your blinking? That it will last forever? Tell yourself a story where each subsequent sentence is the worst thing you can imagine and then don’t ruminate!!! No analysis no questioning no lingering etc. Disregard. Schedule these imaginal exposures as well and then in general disregard. Apart from the ocd stories, Shepard Pratt has an article on hyperawareness ocd you may find helpful. 



Before I forget it also sounds like there is a lot of rumination going on. You may find some help looking into Pure O as well. Not for obsessions but in rumination as a compulsion. It should be avoided and reduced. Rumination in short is trying to solve a problem. Analyzing, questioning, letting it linger, etc. any way in which you are trying to mentally solve a problem counts as rumination. Ali just released a video titled what counts as rumination I would recommend it and begin reducing as it seems as if blinking is only one compulsion. Best wishes.