Help Your Child Get Over OCD (Audio Book)


About the Audio Book

To help your child recover from OCD, you need to fully understand the “mechanics” of your child’s disorder. Help Your Child Get Over OCD E-Book will explain to you exactly why the thoughts are there and why they are constantly coming into your child’s mind. Once you understand how OCD works and what makes the thoughts come and go, you will be able to help your child gain control over OCD and begin recovery.

Ali Greymond recovered from OCD using this method and has helped people all over the world recover from OCD as well.  If you want to help your child recover from OCD, this book is for you.

Does your child often spend a large part of the day worrying about a certain thought?

Your child may spend most of his or her day obsessing about a particular thought. It may be very difficult to focus on anything else and your child may feel like no matter what he or she does, the thoughts just simply won’t go away.

How To Get Over OCD will show you a clear step by step method to overcoming OCD.

This method has worked with everyone who has put the effort into getting over OCD. It does require work but the results are well worth the effort.  Your child will be able to have a normal, OCD-free life. All you have to do is help your child continuously follow the method in the book. On average people see results in about a week and have real progress in about a month. Young children of ten see results a lot sooner than adults because the obsessions have not been present for as long as if they were older.

Does your child feel a strong sense of guilt about these thoughts?

Most people with OCD have a strong sense of guilt when it comes to their obsessions. They frequently attribute the thoughts to their inner self. They think that because they are having these thoughts they are bad people.  This book will show you that the thoughts your child is having are just a part of OCD and you will learn how to help your child to distinguish between true thoughts and OCD thoughts.

What You Will Discover In This Book:

  • Proven Method of Getting Over OCD
  • How to teach your child to recognize OCD thoughts
  • How to teach your child to permanently stop OCD thoughts
  • What your child MUST do on daily basis to get rid of OCD obsessions and compulsions
  • What you and your child are doing wrong and what thoughts and actions are making your child’s OCD worse.

This book will tell you exactly what you need to do to get rid of your child’s OCD forever. No fillers or useless information.