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Joe disregard and move on no matter what it throws at you!
needyou Ηarm ocd is the worst theme on ocd... I find it so difficult
needyou Ι want so much to be happy... I am 5 month's depressed and I cry every day.. I want to be happy.. I miss my life I miss happy moments.. It's so hard
needyou Ι need some kind words some incourangament... I feel sad
needyou Is anyone here?
messedfornow Yeah anon I feel you!
messedfornow Lots of rumination has been present today.. mainly because my physical restlessness when disregarding these stupid thoughts that is it okay to just disregard these thoughts
messedfornow I mean is it okay to just be physically unrest when disregarding painful thoughts? Like moving your feet when trying to disregard thoughts?
messedfornow It is really hard to just stand still when these thoughts are present.. My mind just keeps asking is these restlessness compulsion? I just think it is a normal reaction to anxiety
needyou Hi
needyou I want to ask something to other ocd sufferers. Is a compulsion or ressurance, to tell your friend about your obsesseions and to tell him that you feel very sad and depressed... Because I do this 1-2 times a day. Is this a compulsion that I should stop?
getoverthis266 more like reassurance i think.
needyou Yes I think that is something that I have to stop.. But the truth is that it's difficult.. I shouldn't tell all the time that I'm sad.... I have to accept that I'm all the time sad and live with these feelings
getoverthis266 hey. i think all you gotta do is loosen up a lil bit. i find dancing effective.
getoverthis266 learning new moves and it doesn't matter if you are beginner or what phase you're at.
getoverthis266 dance exercise i pretty darn fun i tell you that.
needyou Dance is really a helpful weapon... Good idea
getoverthis266 and also telling people you're sad and all is good. no doubts about it but here's the thing. It's up to you how to make yourself happy
getoverthis266 there are different and various outlets for you to release that pent up frustration, anxiety and depression especially in this pandemic
getoverthis266 think of this time as the period of improvement where all people are busy thinking bout the future and whatnnot. focus unto yourself.
getoverthis266 and also, if you're an atheist which i leaned my beliefs heavily before this pandemic occurs, i found out that all you gotta do i have a leap of faith in religion. Pessimism only adds up to your cartlist of worries so you gotta understand that.
getoverthis266 it's the flawed way of thinking. your mind deteriorates from constantly asking question. what we really need right now is do what you gotta do.
getoverthis266 ciao.
needyou Thank you!!
Seamstress I am starting to find this forum very disappointing and frustrating. It was really helping me and I was trying to help others. However, now there is so much spam or people hacking into the forum that it is adding to my stress when I come on it. Is there not a way in which this can be fixed permanently - like an anti-virus protection etc. Please try to keep an eye on this problem. Thank you.
Kiramus Anyone else struggling with false attraction feeling so real, can someone give me any tips the last things I'm struggling with is false attraction that I've NEVER had before and like memories that I've had where I had admired girls and wanted to look like them trying to trick me into believing that I was attracted to them but I know it's not true... Someone help...
Seamstress Sorry to be a bother, but are there people monitoring this forum who can fix it?
frazer123 i have fallen off hard, the ocd is causing me to have doubts about my relationship and my compulsion is to go and see her to talk about it as she always makes things better. ive now allowed the ocd too much leeway and im struggling to stop my self from going to see her as i see it as my only option. please help
Seamstress Try to resist the compulsion to seek reassurance. Seeking reassurance will feel better at first, but it will make your OCD worse in the long run. Try to disregard the thoughts to do so and focus on something else. After little while your anxiety usually decreases. That is my experience anyway.
frazer123 The idea of not being able to seek reassurance is so scary to me though, do I really have to go through this all alone?
Seamstress In my opinion it is always scary not seeking reassurance. Try postponing doing it for a little while and see if your anxiety drops a little.
NickJ055 I dated my girlfriend when we were about 18 yrs old, and didn’t feel I’m love with her, but we reconnected and are dating again (22 years old now) I love her very much and sometimes want to spend my life with her, but worry that if I didn’t love her then, I just be lying to myself now. I worry about if I just don’t want to hurt her feelings again like I did when I was younger.
NickJ055 We have talked recently about moving moving in together and the thought simultaneously fills me with joy and scares me, I worry that I’ll discover in a year or so that I really was lying to myself but then it will hurt her even more if I leave. I don’t want to leave her though, and hate myself for thinking I might.
Melissam Hi all,
Melissam I think I have pure o and have trouble falling asleep. I had to take medication to sleep and now I’m in despair. I feel like I’ll never be ok again. I obsess over sleep and have no life. I feel like I’m dying inside
Melissam I need help and encouragement. Anyone there?
Melissam Guess this forum is useless...I came on asking for help and support and I get no answer
andrey_m False memory
Joe Melissa your seeking re-assurance... You need to understand OCD will drain you, will scare you.. will take everything away from you should you let it- You need to 1. recgonize that you have OCD- 2- start the recovery road! I am always here to help.. but i will not give re-assurance.
andrey_m False memory
Jessica cool
Jessica Hiii
andrey_m Can anyone help with False Memory?
Seamstress I am beginning to wonder if I am the only one with spam on my computer re: this forum. Is this not an issue for others???
Helmut Schmacker Lol, you're not imagining things seamstress. Ali's adding moderators to the forum soon, they should be able to deal with it.
needyou I have a question
needyou Can someone help me
needyou Today I feel low...
needyou I cry all day.. I don't feel gopd
needyou Guys your ocd changes themes all the time?? Mine.. All the time changes themes especially when I start to feel relaxed. And then boom, another theme.. It's so exhausting situation. I try to not ruminate. Oh God I need so much a little bit rest...

Food related ocr

  • Hello everybody. I would like know. Can People with ocd has problem with Food? For example, she almost can't eat without tablets or something, otherwise she breaks.

I believe that OCD can attach itself to anything including the way that we eat, fear around eating certain foods etc. Basically OCD can attach to anything. 


Hi, i also have food ocd (it looks like): for example, couple of hours ago, throw my kit kat to the trash, so that some horrid thing won't happen. Really almost started crying, i basically torture myself out of nowhere. I anxious about drinking tea, almost don't drink coffe (i LOVE coffe), like i'm sacrificing my favourites, so that nothing happens, but for my head it's never enough.

I mean, definitly ocd can be related to food