Should I do on purpose exposures for POCD?


Hi, I'm at a point in OCD recovery where I only ruminate/analyze less than a minute a day. At worst 5-10 min on bad days. The OCD thought I've had in my head is based on a real-life experience. But I know the real-life experience is not as big of a deal as it really feels because OCD is amplifying it. Even though I have been at this point in recovery for about 1 1/2 months it's still always in the back of my head somewhat. I know that worrying about if you're doing OCD recovery right is a theme in itself but I was wondering if I should do on purpose exposures. When I get thoughts they come in as vague images and feelings and I get the gist of what the thought is but I feel the urge to have to clearly see the thought in my head to expose myself. This causes some analysis/rumination in itself. I also feel like maybe what I'm doing is not enough in terms of recovery. For example, maybe I should repeat the theme in words that scare me in my head like "This ____blank______ happened to me and it is terrible" for example. I saw on google that is a technique for ERP but not necessarily what Ali tells us to do. From Ali's videos, she says disregarding/ignoring the thoughts is the way to go. And ignoring/disregarding the thoughts is exactly what I've been doing when that vague image/feeling thought comes in for the past 1 1/2 months. 

Should I keep going with disregarding/ignoring the thoughts like how I have been doing or should I say the thought clearly in my head? Thats what my gut tells me to do to keep doing what I have been. I really would prefer to keep doing what I'm doing. I don't want to repeat the thoughts in words to expose myself but maybe that's what I should do to recover faster. But I feel like that's a compulsion in itself.