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Share yall’s religious ocd stories

Feel free to share your stories about your religious ocd, what are you going through, are you having trouble, do you feel like you upset God or committed the unpardonable sin? Don’t worry share the stories here, I’m currently going through false feelings that I accept the thoughts as true when I truly know they aren’t. Jesus has not abandoned you, and Jesus will not forsake you.


Share the stories here, maybe we can help you get through the pain 😀

I have mostly recovered from my religious Ocd but anyways here's the story. I get blasphemous awful thoughts against God. I used to feel super guilty and like God didn't love me and I was going to hell. My recovery started when I found out those thoughts are not sinful and they are not mine. Of course my Ocd then became whether or not those thoughts were mine or not. My ocd sends me feelings like I want the thoughts or I agree with the thoughts. I think through all this God is calling me to trust in his mercy and in his love but also to help those that are going through the same thing. I've also struggled with Harm Ocd and Magical ocd related to Religious ocd. I've had every ocd. Even had sexual ocd and HOcd. Can't remember what it feels like to be "normal" but i'm slowly getting there. God help us all he loves us so much and will never abandon us.

What else did you do to recover?

From OP

Im glad to know someone else has/ is going through the same things I’m going through. I thought i was the only one with false feelings

The truth is that Jesus knows what is in our hearts so we have nothing to worry about. I’m worried I might turn evil and start agreeing with the thoughts. The problem I’m struggling with sometimes on top of that is that I worry I might actually believe evil things about Jesus. After I heard that some people considered Jesus really bad things, I was like “That’s awful, how could someone think that about Jesus?” So I then started getting thoughts that I agreed with the evil things they said even though the answer is always no.


anyone have tips on getting through this?

I recovered by disregarding the thoughts. I used to have compulsions that came with the thoughts. It's so hard because it feels like i agree with the thoughts . I trust Jesus. He knows my heart. Also in prayer I have realized that Jesus is inviting me to participate in his suffering. I think for anyone suffering from this if we look at it as our Cross it will be easier to accept. There is so much to share I wish I could make a video.

Hey so um, about the thoughts, I started avoiding the things that triggers them but then the gives me thoughts saying oh so now you agree  with the evil things. That gets me really scared because I know in the Bible they was people calling Jesus evil. So that worries me and I start to think do I actually agree with them? Is this blasphemy and will Jesus forgive me?

A lot of times it’s hard to disregard these thoughts. Sometimes feels impossible. I believe your suffering from intrusive thoughts that are not the slightest bit true. God knows what we go through. I prayed about God giving me wisdom and strength. I feel like once you start disregarding your brains going to want to believe every little thought that comes into your head but you just need to know they aren’t true. A lot of times by ignoring a thought or refusing to respond it seems like I am kicking that thought out because I’m giving it no value if that makes since. I’m praying that everyone get better from this. God loves you always remember that! 

Trust in God. He loves us so much and knows this is not us. This is a mental problem not a religious problem. Jesus will sustain us. Let's work hard to recover.

exposures!!!! We have to disregard.

Well, I've been suffering from religious ocd many years. I am afraid of almost anything. I think that everything I do or listen or see or toyck might be sinful. And I have many compalsions too. I' ve been seeing a doctor and I'm better but there still a lot of issues...