Saliva OCD


So, saliva keeps accumulating in my mouth; it bothers me, then i spit. Then, it accumulates again, and i spit. Then again and again, a non stop cycle. Its not psychological, i do spit and theres A LOT of saliva, a full mouth. So saliva is indeed accumulating to the point my mouth gets absurdly full of it.

Then theres the question: am i overproducing saliva or am i just really doing something wrong(should i be swallowing my saliva without even realizing it?)

I think its the latter. When i sleep i have no drooling problems whatsoever, and mostly when i am in social situations i get socially tense and focus completly on the other person, so my symptoms mostly go away.

But theres a catch. Im 19 now. I first experienced this symptom in my childhood. I thought that i should swallow it on that time, so i did. Then, it became a swallowing compulsion. I could not stop swallowing my saliva every few seconds(i didnt count the time, it was regulated by a premonitory sensation, as in a nervous tic). It was EXTREMELY uncomfortable, it was the most uncomfotable shit ive ever experienced in my life. Id rather break a leg than to go through that again. My throat muscles got exhausted and when it was time to eat and swallow real food, i just couldnt. I lost A LOT of pounds; i felt really really hungry, but i wasnt able to eat because i could not swallow the food. I got unhealthly thin.

So in summary, as swallowing my saliva would trigger that nervous tic of swallowing, i dont and wont do that, not a real solution, just a substitutive problem. I would just be replacing the spitting problem with a swallowing problem.

I want a real solution. 


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