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For anyone who has started recovery, do you have days where you can disregard the thoughts and feel normal? And then days where they feel extremely real? And do you still have moments of false attraction and groinal response? But not always, it comes and goes. I feel like sometimes it’s going away, then sometimes it’s here. It’s really weird. 
anyone else going through this? Reply please. 


So funny because im experiencing this right now! I have been doing decently well with ignoring the thoughts and not letting the anxiety come to me but just before I had those false responses and I started to catch my heart racing & I immediately let it go and said this is normal it’s all okay it’s not real it’s ocd. We have to keep pushing through! Ocd is not going to leave us this easily so we have to expect these things to come through!


You need to remember for however long you have been reacting- You have taught and trained your brain that THIS- (Whatever it is)- is important and needs attention. Then with recovery work your saying OK now its not- SO your brain goes into a complete freak out...

Some days it will relax only to charge up and push a few days later. Its important what you do on the bad days as well as the good days! Its during the bad days which may effect you and ruin your recovery if you let it. So push through NO MATTER WHAT... and believe me i know how bad it can get- NO MATTER WHAT, Push through, do something, get out of the environment that your in and change the scene or better yet, just go to sleep!

And when you have good days... Keep going. Watch it and and keep pushing through. Disregard and keep moving. It will let go eventually!