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Question about recovery



I have a question about OCD as a partner of someone who is doing recovery work. Ive read that some people say that ROCD is cyclical and that you can go days, weeks, months and even years without it, but eventually it will come back. Im just curious if this is because they haven't done the recovery work properly? Ive also heard about people getting rid of it completely, so Im a bit confused. But Ali and her videos make me feel hopeful that this is possible to conquer and get rid of.


I suffer from OCD and GAD and yes, it can come back. With differente thoughts or even themes. People that struggle with OCD no matter the type of it can actually have some break outs after a while during moments of change, of stress, you know? Something like that or even no trigger at all, it can just come back happning becausa of biological triggers, for example. It's not that they don't recover or that they didn't do recovery work properly, it's just the pattern of the brain, people that have anxiety or ocd will always have it, it can just be totally controled but it doesn't mean we can't have some setbacks. So yes it's normal 🙂 

And also yes, ROCD is cyclical, I'm in recovery process and a lot better but I have new thoughts popping out for example, about the same theme you know? It's like the brain tells us "oh you're not getting affraid if this one anymore, I need to make sure there's no danger so what about THIS NEW one?" and all the cycle stars again but with another thoughts, this can occur and setbakcs can happen, in recovery or not 🙂 

I also think we can totally recover from it by controlling it you know? But I think when we got OCD or anxiety we'll always have it, we just learn to copy with that 🙂

Hope this helps, from a sufferer 🙂