Pls tell me what a type of ocd it is and how to beat it


My one is i will do something ex- Breathe in certain ways or saying or reapting certain word and I will check how people reacting and how I am doing my work if they don,t respond well I will change words. i have habit of repeteating word in my head example if I decide to do what ali said in video to track time then I will track time and see how people are reacting and  how I m doing my work  if not good I will change the repeating word to  erp what are my compulsion bla  bla  so point is I add faith to this and  repeat this words,i think if i repeat it my perfomance will good or best .if i play game this word will improve my performance and this word will not ,and .also if i decided to not repeat any word i will repeat in my head "not repeat" and check how people are responding or doing my work. I they don,t respond well I well switch back to different words.


Its the 'C' without the O.

It seems like a beginning stage of what will eventually turn into a theme of OCD.

You need to STOP re changing or re checking whatever it is you are doing. Do what it is once- and move on. DO NOT re do it. That is a compulsion/ Ritual.