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please ?


can someone say to me if it is "normal" to start to have a thought that is not yours? there is this thought that my psychologist said to me that she had this thought one time in her life. and since that day, where I reacted like "oh my God, this is terrible. I would never think something like this, right?", the thought came to my mind. I am so desperate. I try everytime to say to myself that this thought isn't mine, but it always come. and the thought always come as "I" in the beginning.

please, can someone say if it is possible? 


First of all, don't look for reassurance here or anywhere else. Nothing like 'normal' ever existed. Everyone has weird thoughts, but u slip into ocd rumination if you think about it all the time. E. g. I sometimes suffer from derealization, I feel like I slip from the reality in a way (very odd feeling). But guess what, it is just an anxiety symptom. OCD bombards you with disturbing sh*t, the thoughts always feel like they're 'kinda' yours, but it doesn't say anything about you. 

If you have a therapist/psychiatrist, trust them. If you had some serious condition, they would treat you for it. Also, do not try to repel the thought. It is virtually impossible. Just live your ordinary day, ignore it and it will dissipate gradually on its own.