Physical symptoms of Pure-O


Hi, I haven't seen a lot of info on physical and mental symptoms of Pure-O and decided to write down some I've been experiencing just to give our paranoid brains a rest and not obsessively google about them because this can lead you into new obsessions (like my new one with having ADHD).  


- fidgeting (Most people naturally fidget and our bodies are not supposed to be entirely unmoving as if they were statues, but stress and anxiety can worsen this natural phenomenon and you may start to fixate upon it. Fidgeting includes behaviours like playing with stuff laying on your table during classes or work like pens or playing with your hair strands, moving your feet when you are laying in bed and so on.)  

- loss of concentration and focus (Everybody loses concentration from time to time, none of us are robots and this happens naturally, but anxiety and stress affect our concentration to a great extent. You may notice you start forgetting details of your day, which is currently happening to plenty of people without OCD during quarantine as well because the days are pretty monotonous and there isn't much happening. Worrying about concentration can become an obsession as well, it is currently happening to me due to my ADHD obsession. This may affect your work/school and life in general to a great extent. You may also start to notice that your short-term memory is affected as well, recalling details can be harder than usual.)

- feeling energetically drained when you are experiencing OCD "spikes" (Again, anxiety, OCD and stress are tiring and Ali has 3 videos or so on her channel about this, if you are feeling like this even during simple work like online classes then don't be surprised much, I would recommend you to meditate and sleep and even take naps - I have been taking naps or meditating or both lol after I get up around 4 a.m. from a 7-hours-long sleep because I have noticed that I feel drained during the day.)  

- little to no appetite (Anxiety and stress affect our guts too, not just our minds, so don't be surprised when you are unable to eat as much as you used to before, this will pass as your anxiety will eventually reduce, but I recommend you to eat at least a little bit even if you aren't feeling like it - I have found bananas to be the n.1 food for me when my OCD was at its worst along with soups and crackers, don't forget to drink plenty of water even if you naturally don't drink as much, like me.)  

- loose stools (If you aren't eating enough food and drinking enough water, don't expect your stools to be their usual consistency, shape and color.)  

- feeling numb (I have noticed that I feel kinda emotionally numb during or after intense obsessions, this feeling goes away in my case after I meditate or my obsession looses its power)  

Anyway, that's just my list of some symptoms I have noticed in me, feel free to add some more in the comments!


(Personal exp as well, so far)

- headaches: Can be sharp and/or dull. Personally I've sometimes feel a shifting movement inside my head. (Can also hear it as well. Varies a bit in noise and loudness but noise isn't as bothersome for the most part. Was probably a bit noiser in 1st stage of recovery but I can't remember that entirely). May also come with a mix of throbbing.
Tends to happen after longer periods of focus but may also be noticeable beforehand (usually at a lighter level). Areas of pain may vary a bit around the head (some were also noticeable around the face). The areas may also feel very stiff/tense, especially in the early recovery stages. These became lighter eventually.