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Physical Sensations

Hey I am relatively new to the field of harm ocd, about 4 months ago I started having intrusive thoughts and I am still having a bit of trouble understanding what exactly is going on inside me and how harm ocd "works".

I have already read something about groinal responses, but I was wondering if there are also physical sensations that you misinterpret and if there are people who experience similar things.

For example, it happens to me that I have a harm related intrusive thought and at the same time, without consciously paying attention to my belly, I feel a feeling in my belly. But then I am unsure what that feeling was and I get scared that it might have been a joyful or good feeling despite my bad thought.

This then unsettles me, of course. I mean clearly the thoughts you can not control so good, but actually I think I should be able to interpret my gut feeling, or?

I am really thankful for any answer and advice ☺️

There are a lot of sensations that come with Harm OCD. One I had was the sensation of " losing control of myself". I had other weird sensations too. You have to try to disregard them just like the thoughts. 

Glad that there were topic already of this. I've harm ocd also and it comes with different kind of physical sensations. Rapid heartbeat, muscle cramps, tight feelings around my body etc.. After I've started disregarding my ocd thougths I've been getting better. But this also came to my mind should I do same for these physical sensations? Glad I've got answer above! Well rumination starts now but so what..

disregard the sensations too

I had similar worries when I went through it. Ocd will try to make you feel whatever you are afraid of feeling-. Whether that's desire, urges, sensations, feelings, thoughts, images, it's all normal. It'll do whatever it can to get YOU into a reaction. How you experience your ocd could be different to how another experiences it. Treat it ALL as the same thing because it is. Try to disregard it and live your life the best you can. Hope this helps. God bless.

Hi, I feel the same exact thing and it sickens me. I hope it’s ocd.

Yes, I also have some physical sensations. I'm on medication and having Harm OCD with my skin feeling like it's being inserted by million pins ain't fun. Also internal vibrations especially on my lower body. But a big part of it is my severe anxiety due to a horrible trigger. It's been almost a month now, the anxiety I mean. I relapsed my Harm OCD (I used to have it when I was a teenager but didn't know I was having OCD). It's been a few days and it's like hell especially with the spiking anxiety. But I know for a fact I can get better. Even when things feel like it crashes down every few minutes of the day. We can recover. Let's go